Davide Luca



I'm Davide Luca. I'm a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Belfer Center, Middle East Initiative. I hold a PhD in Economic Geography from LSE.


My doctoral thesis, titled 'Essays on the political economy of development: Elections, public investment and regional economic growth in post-2002 Turkey', was supervised by  Prof. Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and  Prof. Riccardo Crescenzi. The thesis was awarded the 2016 Italian Regional Science Association's G. Leonardi PhD Dissertation Prize.


In the past I worked for the European Commission, co-wrote and developed a social doc-film, and consulted for the European Parliament. I have obtained research grants from Turkey's National Research Council and the Emirates Foundation, and have received a Gündüz Atalık Prize in regional science, an Emirates Foundation Doctoral Award, and two documentary-film production prizes.