Davide Luca


[email protected]





I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Cambridge, Department of Land Economy, and a Fellow at Churchill College. I am also a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics, Middle East Centre.


I previously was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Middle East Initiative.


During my PhD at LSE I worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant for the Department of Geography & Environment, as a Research Assistant for LSE Enterprise and as Research Associate for Macat.




In the past, I worked for the European Commission in the EU Delegation to Turkey. My duties involved the overall coordination of three institution-building instruments (around 40 projects) among Turkish Ministries, the EU Headquarter and EU Member States,  as well as the provision of technical assistance and trainings to bureaucrats from EU Member States.  


Between 2008 and 2010 I co-wrote and assisted the production of the doc-film Almost Married, which was sold and broadcasted to several European TVs and selected, among other festivals, at New York MoMA's Documentary Forthnight and Amsterdam's International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA).